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Why Choose Our School?

Creating and Living Your Unique Value Proposition

12:30p – 1:15p EDT
11:30a – 12:15p CDT


Who are you? What do you do? How are you different or unique? Schools need to answer these questions clearly, effectively and quickly. At risk: losing prospective families who are time-strapped and researching many competitive options. Developing a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) can be more challenging than it may seem. It must be distinctive, concise, interesting and family-centric, focusing on what families need as opposed to simply relaying what your school offers.  

Join us for a discussion with the school and Board leadership at Notre Dame Academy Regional Catholic School in Minnetonka, MN. The school’s focus on communicating its UVP translated into a 45% enrollment growth in five years, 94% retention rate and the 2019 receipt of a SAGE Award for Enrollment Innovation.

This vibrant 30-minute online discussion and 15-minute Q&A is for your school if you seek to:

  • Create a compelling story for your school by communicating your unique selling points
  • Pinpoint “what keeps parents up at night” and how to market to those needs
  • Identify a process that hones what makes your school community extraordinary
  • Understand the distinctions that resonate with parents and why they ultimately choose your institution

The Healey partner school featured in this E-Roundtable embraces forward thinking, features small class sizes and has tight knit families and teachers who empower each child to remain ahead of the curve mentally, educationally and socially.

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