Summer Summit Takeaways & Tools

October 6, 2021

The Summer Summit, focused on Building a Better Board Every Day, brought together more than 125 current and alumni Healey partner school contacts and other Catholic school leaders across the country in their work as change agents. Boards of Specified Jurisdiction (PDF) are not just advisory boards. They have official authority and entrust the laity with decision making, policy making and financial accountability.


 Takeaways & Tools


Guiding Catholic Schools from Inclusion to Places of Belonging: The keynote delivered at Summer Summit by Dr. Yohuru Williams, Distinguished University Chair and Professor of History and Founding Director of the Racial Justice Initiative, University of St. Thomas. Dr. Williams guided school leaders in starting conversations around DEI within their communities and explained how programs can be developed organically through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.

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Building a Healthy Pipeline of Board Talent: Executive Director of the Catholic Schools Foundation, Michael Reardon, led an engaging panel discussion featuring Sr. Mary Dacey, SSJ (Planning and Facilitation Consultant), Rev. Mario Powell, SJ (President, Brooklyn Jesuit Prep), and Beth Alfonsi (Alfonsi Impact Consulting).  

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Download the Forward Motion Video Guide (PDF 1-page)

Leading the School to Fiscal Resilience: These three short videos, shared or referred to during Summer Summit, feature Rick DeCarolis, Senior Financial and Operations Executive, Gilmore & Associates, Inc. Rick has served as Finance Committee Chair for Philadelphia-area Catholic schools. 

See Legacy Transition & Finance Committees (Vimeo 9:51)
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LiveBinder Toolkit: A collection of practical tools to help schools implement proven best practices in advancement through Building a Better Board Every Day. Includes such resources as committee charters, a Board matrix guided tool, a sample development dashboard and a worksheet for developing the school’s value proposition.  

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“It’s what we do in the hours, and the days, and the weeks and the months after this conference that will chart the future of the schools and organizations we lead. And if anyone is going to be in a space to help rewrite our history, it will be Catholic schools.”

Dr. Yohuru Williams Keynote