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Identify the Plan for Success

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Step 5 For the Future of Catholic Schools:


Helping schools help themselves. This is how we operate. Over more than a decade, the Foundation developed, shared and built upon the Healey Advancement Methodology that empowers schools to take charge of their own futures.

Empowerment is evident in the success stories of Healey partner and alumni schools. And in the results achieved by our SAGE winners.

We know an empowered elementary school that recruited 60 new students through tuition transfer grants. And another that raised more than $90,000 in its first Annual Fund. We know several empowered schools that halted the decline and increased enrollment for the first time in 15 years. And many that have increased their Annual Funds in the range from 20% to 100%.


Moving Forward

As the Healey Education Foundation has been checking in with our alumni schools, two overarching themes have emerged. The first is that the work of Catholic school sustainability is never finished. The second is that, even while claiming their own futures, schools don’t have to do so alone.

Following three years of formal engagement, the Foundation continues to provide advisory services to alumni schools as needed, particularly during times of key staff turnover. We are also building a network for schools to continue to work together. Additionally, mentors from Healey alumni elementary and high schools offer their time and insight to others facing challenges or just starting out.

What a wonderful opportunity to work with mentors, to make it possible to grow Catholic education in a very strategic manner and really lay a foundation for future generations. ”

Steven HoganPrincipal

Saint Mary School (Vineland, NJ)