School Board Governance

School Board Governance

For the Future of Catholic Schools

Boards of Specified Jurisdiction have a bias for action to advance the mission of the school. Unlike advisory boards that make recommendations but have no official authority, they are accountable for the governance and fiscal health of the school. These working boards offer a stark contrast to the days when members listened and discussed but stopped short of implementing real change.

Can Your Board Answer Yes to These Questions?


Is your school among the Unapologetic 3,000?

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Do you know why parents believe their child’s education is worth every penny invested?

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Do you cultivate a visionary governance team capable of meeting the school’s mission?

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Do you secure the school’s financial wellbeing?

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Do you avoid stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime in fundraising for the school?

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Between meetings, are you a working board that thinks strategically and drives results?

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