Create Partnerships

Discover and

Discover and Analyze

Identify the Plan
for Success

Identify the Plan for Success

the Board

Implement the Board


Step 2 For the Future of Catholic Schools:

Discover and Analyze

Once we’ve engaged with diocesan leaders and funding partners, we undertake a discovery and analysis process that leads us to the schools that will benefit most from what we offer.

Is the school ready for change?

Before any work begins, we determine whether a partnership with the Healey Education Foundation can get the school where it needs to go.

In conducting readiness assessments, Healey leaders and Directors of Schools meet with diocesan leaders, pastors, school presidents, principals and current advancement and admissions directors. We also seek input from other key constituents, including parents and faculty.

The Foundation gathers data through parent surveys, unannounced calls to schools (we call them “secret shopper calls”) and fundraising audits. We ask schools to supply test scores, budget information and enrollment data.

Discover and Analyze

Are You Ready?

If you’re a school or diocese that believes you can benefit by applying the tried and tested local model and Healey Advancement Methodology, we look for and expect to build upon:

  • Your commitment to change. You want to be in the school business.
  • Your commitment to thrive. Across the school, you will not be complacent.
  • Your commitment to be mission-driven, data-informed and customer-centered.
  • Your commitment to empowering the laity.

You’re ready, too, if your school and diocese are willing and able to do the work around:

Who you are, what you do and what you aspire to be

Enrollment Management
Marketing for recruitment and retention that yields results, with a focus on the family as a customer

Raising funds and friends consistent with the school’s mission

Governance & Strategic Planning
Establishing a Board of Specified Jurisdiction and sound financial controls and reporting

Which Model is Right for You?

In some dioceses, the tuition contribution from families and parishes, along with school-based fundraising, cannot support the operation of the school. The local model may not be sustainable.

In these situations, the Healey Education Foundation works with dioceses and funding partners to analyze and develop centralized models and fundraising strategies.

We believe in sustainable change through ‘teaching schools to fish.’ We are helping schools help themselves. ”

Megan FamularVice President

Healey Education Foundation