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Identify the Plan for Success

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Step 4 For the Future of Catholic Schools:

Implement the Board

Schools implementing Boards of Specified Jurisdiction are change agents committed to a new way of operating as a community. They are often ushering in a shift from advisory boards to decision-making boards with financial accountability and the authority to set policy. 

In launching and maintaining the Healey approach to School Board Governance, these boards remain:

Mission Driven — All goals, plans, strategies and decisions advance the mission of the school.
Strategic — The expertise of Board members and analysis of data and trends are relied on to make informed decisions.
Knowledgeable — Members have the backgrounds and skills required to address the school’s greatest needs and opportunities.
Goal and Results Oriented — Members of these working boards are driven to make progress to achieve the school’s goals.
Accountable — The Board understands its responsibilities, works diligently to make the best decision, and owns the goals, the process and the execution. 
Organized for Action through a Strong Committee Structure — The Board identifies issues for committees and allows work to be done in committee and brought back to the Board. This allows for the most effective and efficient use of members’ time and talent.


Implement the Board

This is a Time of Firsts and Fine-Tuning.

A newly established Board of Specified Jurisdiction defines short-term goals with the future in mind. It must first address the most pressing priorities, based on a thorough understanding of the school’s financial wellbeing, competitive challenges and current mission, offerings and reputation. 

A start-up Board will often undertake initiatives such as revisiting and refreshing the school’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and branding, introducing early re-registration, planning for open houses and other events, building recruitment pipelines and launching or rejuvenating an Annual Fund.

A more mature Board may be focused on policy making, improving the process for strategic planning and establishing annual goals and impact reporting for new initiatives in enrollment management and development. Along with the Principal and Advancement/Admissions staff, the Board remains a critical influencer and contributor to the work of retaining and recruiting students and involving and engaging donors.

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Healey’s extensive market research, progress reports and KPIs are expansive and immensely helpful…. Our enrollment has never been better and our Annual Fund goals are on track. ”

Len MorrisonBoard Chair

Our Lady of Assumption School (Lynnfield, MA)