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Identify the Plan for Success

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Step 1 For the Future of Catholic Schools:

Create Partnerships

Sound leadership fosters thriving and sustainable Catholic schools. It typically starts at the archdiocesan or diocesan level and carries through to pastors and principals.

We begin each engagement with diocesan leaders and funding partners to ensure that the Healey Advancement Methodology implemented by schools has staying power.

While our focus remains on helping schools help themselves, we guarantee a strong start with the financial backing, guidance and support services required to revitalize schools.

The support of diocesan leadership, including the Bishop and the Schools Office, advances necessary changes at the local school level. The support of funding partners helps launch and incentivize those changes.

Create Partnerships

Shared Commitment

The Healey Education Foundation and our diocesan and philanthropic partners share a commitment to ensuring the sustainability of PK-12 Catholic schools. We believe:

  • Society needs vibrant, thriving Catholic schools. By emphasizing Gospel values alongside academic rigor, Catholic schools provide students with the standards and education to become productive, principled citizens.
  • Catholic schools are at a critical crossroads facing vigorous competition. The issues they must address, while daunting, are not insurmountable. This is a time of tremendous opportunity to reinvigorate Catholic education and make it stronger than ever.
  • Catholic schools need a new way forward. The new operational approach requires engaged governance, hands-on enrollment management and proactive mission-driven fundraising. These are facilitated by local control and empowered laity.

Healey is helping with the transformation from good to great at these schools. This partnership provides an opportunity to create a model across all of our schools, using the common language, protocol and best practices that Healey provides. ”

Dr. Barbara McGraw EdmondsonSuperintendent of Catholic Schools

Archdiocese of Baltimore