Healey Alumni Schools to Meet and Mentor

November 16, 2015

Two overarching themes have emerged as the Healey Education Foundation has been checking in with its alumni schools. The first is that the work of Catholic school sustainability is never finished. The second is that, even while claiming their own futures, schools don’t have to do so alone.

“As more schools continue to graduate and own their sustainability and future by implementing the full Healey Methodology, we realize the critical role the Foundation should continue to play in serving as a resource,” said Jason Morrison, Vice President of Operations, Healey Education Foundation. “We want our partner schools to feel empowered and also want to support their efforts beyond the three years of formal engagement.”

The Foundation will continue to provide advisory services to alumni schools as needed, particularly during times of key staff turnover. Healey will also build a network for schools to work together.

In 2016, Healey alumni schools will be invited to participate in the first alumni schools workshop, brown bag roundtable discussions and, as in prior years, the annual SAGE event.

Additionally, mentors from Healey alumni elementary and high schools will offer their time and insight to others just starting out or facing challenges. Serving a two-year term, mentors will:

  • Provide peer-to-peer recommendations and advice (proactive and reactive) to two or three schools in other dioceses
  • Participate in a bi-monthly Healey-facilitated conference call to report on progress, status updates, opportunities and challenges
  • Join the Healey Director of Schools at one or two face-to-face visits per year with peer schools, with the opportunity to run a meeting
  • Serve as workshop and brown bag presenters
  • Help promote the Foundation’s annual SAGE event and take advantage of recognition opportunities for their own schools, such as the Founder’s Grant


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