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Identify the Plan
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Identify the Plan for Success

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Step 4 For the Future of Catholic Schools:

Implement the Plan

Phased in over three years, the local model and Healey Advancement Methodology establish new roles and best practices within the school. The work focuses on improved enrollment management, development and governance.

Healey Directors of Schools guide elementary and high schools as they hire and train staff and learn new ways to retain and recruit students and involve and engage donors.

This is a time of firsts and fine-tuning.

Schools complete mission and branding work, introduce early re-registration, plan for Open House and other events, build recruitment pipelines and launch or rejuvenate Annual Funds.

They also establish new Boards of Specified Jurisdiction. For many, this change ushers in a shift from advisory boards to decision-making boards with financial accountability and the authority to set policy.

During in-person meetings and workshops, Healey staff share proven approaches. Schools benefit from opportunities to interact and exchange ideas.

Implement the Plan

The esprit de corps of our families and their loyalty to the school have been so critical to our success…. Take care of what’s going on inside the school first, and then also do the necessary work on building a strong pipeline and reputation in the community. ”

Marianne GanoAdvancement Director

St. Michael the Archangel School (Coopersburg and Bethlehem, PA)