Andrea Casabianca

Administrative Assistant

Andrea Casabianca fulfills a wide range of administrative responsibilities that enable the Healey Education Foundation to operate efficiently, report on its mission impact and reliably serve partners.

Andrea is instrumental in consolidating and checking enrollment, registration and annual fund reports for timely updates at staff meetings. She also provides support to Healey Directors of Schools, oversees administrative details for SAGE and other events and coordinates production on several of the Foundation’s marketing initiatives.

Before joining Healey, Andrea served as Executive Assistant at Keystone Adjustable Cap Company for eight years and, prior to that, as a Customer Service/Sales Administrator for Healer Products LLC. She also worked as a billing secretary for Catholic Charities Delaware House in Westampton, NJ.

Andrea attended Camden County College and Burlington County College. She also earned a Certificate in Health Systems Administration from the Academy of Computer Careers.

“ I enjoy seeing our partner schools' enrollment and annual fund numbers increase on the weekly reports. This is a great indicator that the Advancement Methodology is working. ”

Andrea Casabianca Administrative Assistant